Smart. Capable. Powerful.


Main Features

  • First-print speeds of just 6 seconds and produces up to 50 pages per minute
  • Laser beam scanning and electrophotographic printing
  • Intuitive 10.1 colour Smart Operations Panel with tablet-style functionality
  • Print up to 500,000 pages (maximum) without requiring maintenance
  • A wide range of paper options and stocks up to 220 gsm
  • Low energy costs and long-life yield drums

It’s easy to be smart.

Our 10.1” Smart Operation Panel makes it even easier to touch, pinch, swipe and get the job done thanks to a range of features. Its customisable home screen and full internet browser capability helps you improve document processes in your office. Its intuitive user interface and its Application Site connectivity – where you can download apps directly – means no matter what you want to do, you can get on with the task in hand.

The complex made simple.

A new improved processor means you can complete even the most complex of jobs with the minimum of fuss. And the advanced controller gives you an overview of exactly what you need and what you can do next. All this technology is working in the background, so all you see is your productivity, speed and output increasing, which helps your business become even more efficient.

High productivity. Low impact.

Cost is always a concern for more productive businesses. But we know you want to put the environment first too. So these printers offer the best combination of technological features, value for money and also help aid sustainability. And this is thanks to innovations like low energy consumption – which result in lower energy costs – and long-life yield drums, so maintenance is almost eliminated.

Feature packed. Small footprint.

Thanks to their considered design, you don’t have to worry about space, or set aside a specific area in the office. Their small footprint disguises just how much they can do – and these printers can be located almost anywhere, so you never feel hemmed-in by our technology. Which leads to a better working environment – and more productivity.