DCP Gloss Coated

The “DCP” Gloss Coated range available through StatusPro is one of the most extensive Digital ranges carried in Australia

DCP Gloss Coated

 Available in a range of 4 weights, “DCP Gloss Coated” is produced by the Clairefontaine mill in France. The sheet boasts a 
2 sided high gloss coating which is heat resistant. Designed to handle high temperature fusing on modern colour copiers. “DCP” is manufactured to the following strict environmental standards

ISO 9706 – archival for min. 200 years
ISO 14001 – environmental credential.

DCP is Acid free, Lignin free and boasts a PH level of 7-8

DCP is available in 135, 170, 200 & 250 GSM and is available in the following sizes A4, A3, SRA3 (450 x 320)

The Clairefontaine mill utilizes natural gas to create steam – no CO2 emissions come from this power source 

DCP Gloss is suitable for offset applications as well as copiers, laser printers.