Laserfiche combines document management with powerful workflow automation to accelerate the flow of information throughout your organisation.

It protects documents through electronic archiving while providing efficient access to keep staff working at maximum productivity. Laserfiche enables users to customise their filing systems and workflow to fit their business processes. But it also provides administrators with the means to establish and enforce centralised information storage, tracking and quality control measures.

  • Move from simple document routing to automating everyday tasks, optimising business processes and allowing staff to focus on more important revenue generating tasks.
  • Provides more effective utilisation of all an organisations information – meaning more informed and better decisions can be made.
  • Allows enforcement of centralised information storage, tracking and quality control measures.

VERS - A global standard

Ricoh\'s Laserfiche solution meets the global standard of VERS (Victorian Electronic Records Strategy), a world-leading standard for capturing, managing and preserving electronic records. This includes tamper-proof security to guarantee electronic document integrity and digital signature support for documents.

VERS is promoted globally and has been accepted and used by archival institutions, national and international governments as well as local and global product vendors. 

Feel secure with a Ricoh Laserfiche solution as your organisation\'s content management backbone, supported by Ricoh\'s local team of expert.

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